– How to Activate your Capital One Card Online? is the name of the website of Capital One for their customers to confirm their cards online. The service is available for use for their debit card & credit card users.

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Now, if you just want to visit website, just click the button given below. It’ll take you to the official Capital One card confirmation page.

Now, if you’re first time confirming your card, you may need some instructions regarding the same. That’s why we’re here for help. We have a well written step by step guide on completing the activate card activation on this page.

Not only that, we’ve the necessary details of Capital One customer support down below this page, in case you want help confirming the card online or if you run into any error. So read on to know all you want about Capital One card activation!

Card Provider Capital One
Type of Card Credit Cards and Debit Cards
Activation methods available Online
Official website name
Direct Links

How to activate your Capital One card using website?

How to activate your Capital One credit card online?

NOTE: This is only for Capital One credit cards. For debit cards, click here.

Follow the steps given below to activate your Capital One credit card online:

  1. Click on the link given below to visit the official site of Capital One to activate your card, which is card (it is also known as 
  2. Now, on the next page, you’ll see a button called “Activate your card online“, click that.
  3. You’ll now be asked to sign in to the account.
  4. If you already have an account with them, click on “Sign In” button.
  5. If not, click on the “Enroll Here” button to make a new account with them.
  6. Now, if you clicked on the Enroll Here button, you’ll be asked to make a new account by entering your basic details and more when asked.
  7. Complete the enrolling process and sign in to the account after that.
  8. Now, you’ll be asked details about your card you need to activate, enter those when asked and click on the “Activate” button.
  9. Your card will be activated and you’ll be getting a text message on your phone regarding the same.

How to activate your Capital One debit card online?

Follow these steps for activating your Capital One debit card online:

  1. Visit the official Capital One website to activate debit card using the link given below, which again similar to activate. 
  2. Now, on the next page, similar to the last heading, click on the “Activate your card online” button.
  3. Now, you’ll be asked to sign in
  4. If you already have an account with them, click on “Sign In“.
  5. If not, click on “Enroll Here” button.
  6. This will take you to the sign up page, enter the information asked from you.
  7. After that, sign in to the account.
  8. Now, you’ll be asked to enter your card details, enter those where asked.
  9. After that click on “Activate” button.
  10. Your card will be activated and you’ll get a text on your registered phone confirming you that the card has been activated.

About Capital One

Capital One is one of the most recognized and popular brands in America in the banking and finance sectors. Based on its assets and deposits in US Capital One is the eighth-largest commercial bank and when calculated by total assets Capital One is the 10th largest bank in the US with total assets of US$ 365.693 billion as of 2017.

With over 2,000 ATMs and 755 branches, the company was ranked 17 on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work list and employs 49,300 people. Capital One has its headquarters in McLean, Virginia with a net Income of US$ 1.982 billion as per 2017.

Richard Fairbank and Nigel Morris founded Capital One in 1988, and the company specializes in credit cards, auto loans, banking, and savings, before 2017 it was also into mortgage banking. In 2016 Capital One was the fourth largest auto-lender bank, and in 2015 it was the fifth largest credit card issuer. The company currently has 3 divisions that it operates they are:

  • Credit Cards: The company issues credit cards not only in the US but also in UK and Canada and in 2016 became the 3rd largest credit card issuer. Capital One had $91 billion outstanding receivables, which was 12.1% of the total outstanding receivable in the US from credit cards and $8 billion outstanding in credit card loans in the United Kingdom and Canada combined. By the way, you’ve to activate your Capital One credit card online using capitalone com activate or activate
  • Consumer Banking: Under this category Capital One offers its customers checking accounts, savings accounts, and money market accounts. It also operates as a direct bank under the name CapitalOne 360. In the consumer banking sector, Capital One offers Auto loans. In US Capital One is one of the top 5 auto loans lenders in volume. It had $48 billion outstanding in the market in auto loans as of December 2016. Capital One till 2016 was one of the leading home mortgage lenders. It has $21 billion in outstanding home loans in 2016, however, in 2017 it laid off 1,100 employees and exited the mortgage market.
  • Commercial Banking: Capital One is also into commercial banking with $66 billion in outstanding loans in the market in 2016. The loan was secured by various multifamily, industrial and commercial properties.

Capital One has been engaged in several other programs that help the society to develop and grow better. Capital One does Corporate Sponsorship, it offers student-athlete sponsorship at the highest level as an official Corporate Champion of NCAA. Capital One is also the title sponsor of the Capital One Orange Bowl and other hosts of events like Capital One Cup and iHearRadio Music Awards.

With Corporate Citizenship, Capital One is committed to building an empowered community. Various programs are innovative, and the success stories of Capital One’s Corporate Citizenship programs can be tracked on their website.

The company is also very active in its Corporate Social Responsibility activities, and the difference they are making can be seen in their annual CSR report. Capital One also discloses its political activities, and on the company’s website, one can read the annual Policy Affairs Groups’ report. As the company says that the legislation enacted by the lawmaker’s impact the company hence they like to share their contribution and activities with the people.

Need Help? Contact Capital One Customer Support

If you run into any issue with the Capital One card activation, you can just contact the customer support with the details given below:

Here’s the customer support toll free number of Capital One for

1-800-CAPITAL (1-800-227-4825)

They also have a live chat by which you can get in touch with their customer support executive for any help with activate web page and activation of card.

Here’s the link to CapitalOne live chat.

By now, you must have visited and has activated your Capital One card online now. If you still have any doubts regarding Capital One card activation, comment down below. – How to Activate your Capital One Card Online?
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